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Global Waste Cleaning Network – GWCN is an international non-profit network comprised of NGOs, Educational institutions, and private and public sector companies, that are active and interested in environmental issues related to the management and reduction of waste, whether solid, liquid or gaseous.

GWCN is in particular dedicated to conserving and maintaining healthy oceans, coastlines, lands and the atmosphere for both people and nature.

GWCN supports environmental activities, showcases, connects and trains its network members, contributes to environmental debates, fosters environmental research, and spreads environment related information.

A Platform of Good Causes

Our Programs Are Tailored to Protecting The Environment

Support Environmental Activities

We help organizations identify sustainable ways to manage waste.

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Showcase Members

We feature our members names and activities on our website and in our publications.

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Connect Members

We bring together organizations to share knowledge in environmental subjects.

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Foster Environmental Research

We support research in topics like biodiversity and climate change.

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Contribute to Environmental Debates

We demonstrate our philosophy and values through global debates.

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Spread Environmental Information

We contribute to enriching the globe with environmental literature and knowledge.

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Conserving the Lands, Oceans, Coastlines and Atmosphere

Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Types of Waste

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Tradeshows and Conferences

GWCN is a Supporter of The Distributed Energy Show

Discover the latest technologies at the UK’s most comprehensive showcase of flexible and renewable energy innovations. The Distributed Energy Show is a free-to-attend conference and exhibition showcasing an array of flexible energy technologies and services.

GWCN is a Supporter of the World Hydrogen 2024 Summit & Exhibition

The leading global platform for hydrogen business returned to the iconic Rotterdam Ahoy in 2024. Welcoming over 15,000 decision makers, Energy Ministers, and CEOs from over 100 countries, the event is considered to be the biggest in the hydrogen industry.

GWCN is a Network Partner of the OMC Med Energy Conference & Exhibition

OMC 2023 was held on 23-25 May 2023 in Ravenna, Italy. It is the only event held permanently in Italy for over 30 years with a focus on the energy industry from E&P to storage, distribution, automation, and technologies as well as the process equipment sector for industrial plants.

GWCN is a Partner of the 2024 World Hydrogen Energy Industry Expo

WHE 2024 will cover the entire hydrogen energy value chain, from infrastructure, fuel cells, vital components, materials, fuel cell vehicle manufacturing, and industry cooperation to the production, storage, transportation and application of hydrogen.

GWCN is a Partner of the E-Waste World, Metal Recycling, Battery Recycling Conference & Expo

E-Waste World Conference & Expo is the must-attend event for recycling companies, critical raw material suppliers, electronics manufacturers and suppliers, ITAD companies, and the entire electronic waste recycling supply chain to come together to discover the latest innovations and solutions to create a circular economy and help create sustainable supply chains.

GWCN is a Supporter of the Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Technology Expo

The Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Technology Expo is the world’s largest Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Event with 10,000 attendees, 550 + exhibitors, 175+ speakers. This event is a must-attend conference and exhibition that is exclusively dedicated to discussing advanced technologies for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

GWCN is a Supporting Partner of the New World Green Hydrogen Summit MENA 2023

The New World Green Hydrogen Summit MENA 2023 is a groundbreaking event that will bring together industry leaders, innovators, policymakers, and visionaries from across the MENA region and beyond. The event aims to explore the immense potential of green hydrogen as a sustainable energy solution, paving the way for a cleaner and greener future.

GWCN is an Association Partner of the Connecting Green Hydrogen MENA 2024 Conference & Exhibition

The largest hydrogen event in MENA region returns to Dubai in 2024. This eagerly anticipated Connecting Green Hydrogen MENA 2024 conference & exhibition provides a unique platform for industry leaders, experts and enthusiasts to come together to network, learn, and showcase the latest advancements in green hydrogen technology.

GWCN is a Partner of the Reset Connect London 2023

Reset Connect is the flagship event of London Climate Action Week, supporting business, finance, industry and government to collaborate, share learnings and action solutions.

Discover present and future net-zero innovations and solutions, network with 1000s of industry peers, bridge the gap between climate action and financing and attend a high-level education programme to address challenges, best practice and drive scalable impact.

GWCN is the Network Partner of the Eastern Mediterranean Energy Conference & Exhibition (EMC 2023)

With the latest discovery of the major players in the Region, Cyprus has become one of the most attractive energy destinations in the Mediterranean, with significant business opportunities in a unique investment climate and a booming economy. Significant development and investment in cleaner energy in the Eastern Mediterranean make EMC the perfect platform for connecting with the leading natural gas and renewables stakeholders in the region.

GWCN is the Network Partner of the Waste Management Europe Exhibition & Conference 2024

Waste Management Europe conference and exhibition is bringing together industry leaders, innovators, buyers, regulators and government to network, collaborate and debate the future of waste management and the sustainable eco-friendly solutions urgently needed by our planet.

GWCN is a Supporting Organization of the 18th EverythingAboutWater & Waste Expo 2023

18th EverythingAboutWater & Waste Expo 2023 would be the largest show of water & solid waste treatment technologies & equipment with significant international, industrial and government presence. The exhibition would draw over 250 exhibitors and more than 10,000 focused industrial visitors from all parts of the world making it the biggest water & solid waste show in Asia during recent times.

GWCN is a Supporting Association of the 27th ICCI International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference

The 27th ICCI International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference was organized by Sektörel Fuarcılık and Turkish Cogeneration Association with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey and Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK).  The largest energy fair of Turkey and the surrounding region was a meeting point for domestic and international exhibitors.

GWCN is a Supporter of the World Energy Storage 2023 Exhibition & Forum

The Sustainable Energy Council produced the World Energy Storage Exhibition & Forum which took place on 10-11 May 2023 at the Rotterdam Ahoy. The World Energy Storage Exhibition & Forum brought together the world’s energy and battery technology pioneers paving the way for crucial energy storage advancements to solve many of the current energy issues.

GWCN is a Partner of the 2024 World Battery & Energy Storage Industry Expo 

Committed to promoting global market trade and the battery industrial chain, WBE has developed into a professional exhibition with the largest number of battery exhibiting companies and the highest participation of professional visitors and foreign buyers. Relying on its worldwide influence and thousands of overseas buyers, WBE provides exhibitors with high-quality buyer resources to help enterprises get more business opportunities.

GWCN is a Supporting Association of the Middle East Energy 2023

Middle East Energy has a 45+ year legacy of bringing together key stakeholders within the energy sector; to network, debate, and form key relationships in an industry that's ever-changing. The 48th edition of Middle East Energy will bring together 800 exhibitors, 3 powerful conferences, 5 product sectors, and an exclusive VIP programme, all under one roof! Join 20,000+ energy professionals from 7 – 9 March 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE.

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