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Global Waste Cleaning Network – GWCN is an international non-profit network comprised of NGOs, Educational institutions, and private and public companies, that are active and interested in environmental issues related to the management and reduction of waste, whether solid, liquid or gaseous.

GWCN is in particular dedicated to conserving and maintaining healthy oceans, coastlines, lands and the atmosphere for both people and nature.

GWCN supports environmental activities, showcases, connects and trains its network members, contributes to environmental debates, fosters environmental research, and spreads environment related information.

A Platform of Good Causes

Our Programs Are Tailored to Protecting The Environment

Support Environmental Activities

We help organizations identify sustainable ways to manage waste.

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Showcase Members

We feature our members names and activities on our website and in our publications.

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Connect Members

We bring together organizations to share knowledge in environmental subjects.

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Train Members

We provide bespoke training for members in various topics related to environment protection.

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Foster Environmental Research

We support research in topics like biodiversity and climate change.

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Contribute to Environmental Debates

We demonstrate our philosophy and values through global debates.

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Spread Environmental Information

We contribute to enriching the globe with environmental literature and knowledge.

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Fundraise for the Environment

Caring about our environment includes making a difference through environmental fundraising.

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Conserving the Lands, Oceans, Coastlines and Atmosphere

Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Types of Waste

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Doing Good for the communities and the Environment.

Our Activities

Featured Events and Latest News

Webinar: Accelerating NET ZERO with GREEN GAS

In this webinar which is supported by GWCN, you’ll learn not only the vital role of green gases for net-zero energy systems by 2050 but also how AB Energy UK’s technologies could help your business in reducing emissions in the most cost-efficient way.

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Webinar: Waste Management and Sustainability

This webinar which is organized by our member Y4CAP and supported by GWCN, would enhance the knowledge on the management of waste and about leading a sustainable lifestyle by understanding the impact of waste in our near future.

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Our Blog

Recent Stories and Articles

The biggest hurdle for the climate change fight isn’t technology – it’s human psychology

We are wired to trust each other, to communicate our ideas, identities, and beliefs through stories. Every one of us has a story about how climate change has impacted them and everybody has a friend or family member that will listen to that story. Although our old wiring with these ancient evolutionary roots makes us recalcitrant if we all leverage that power of trust and storytelling, we can create the popular movement we need to stop climate change.

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My Experience as Researcher with GWCN

One of the best parts of my close association with GWCN was the ability to conduct and write my own scientific articles, which after being vetted, were published on the GWCN website. This was excellent more so because of the global links GWCN has with environmental research organisations and NGOs and my published research was immediately being shared with my peers across the world. I gained some incredible feedback and a chance to view my own work through many different perspectives.

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What hatched first, Climate Change or COVID-19?

The path to a pandemic is clear. Individuals have caused disruption in land use by way of the intensification of agricultural practices, unviable trade, overproduction and overconsumption. We destroy nature, create a massive loss in biodiversity and clear a path for wildlife, livestock, pathogens and people to walk casually together, hand in hand.

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