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Raising awareness about the Global warming caused by increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and the effects of rising planet's temperatures.

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How Is Flood Impacted by Climate Change?

Overall, with climate change, weather extremes are becoming more unpredictable and floods are happening more frequently, inflicting significant damage to individuals and society.

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Climate change and air pollution: two problems that are interrelated

Climate change and air pollution are two serious problems, as both affect the ecosystems, species and population. There are several articles discussing both problems and how these two are related, showing how the interaction occurs in different space and time scales, through various mechanisms.

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The biggest hurdle for the climate change fight isn’t technology – it’s human psychology

We are wired to trust each other, to communicate our ideas, identities, and beliefs through stories. Every one of us has a story about how climate change has impacted them and everybody has a friend or family member that will listen to that story. Although our old wiring with these ancient evolutionary roots makes us recalcitrant if we all leverage that power of trust and storytelling, we can create the popular movement we need to stop climate change.

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What hatched first, Climate Change or COVID-19?

The path to a pandemic is clear. Individuals have caused disruption in land use by way of the intensification of agricultural practices, unviable trade, overproduction and overconsumption. We destroy nature, create a massive loss in biodiversity and clear a path for wildlife, livestock, pathogens and people to walk casually together, hand in hand.

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Thinking out of the Box – Green Solutions for Lebanon

There are plenty of good ideas that need to be implemented. There should be someone to LEAD the start of the implementation pushing the social groups to follow or to copy the model. Eng. Marcel Mansour highlights in this article the main environmental problems in Lebanon and proposes solutions for them.

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Evaluating Current Air Pollution Impact Prediction Practices in the United Kingdom

The current lack of adequate Air Quality (AQ) Impact Assessment in the United Kingdom has repeatedly been emphasized in previous studies to be one of the main factors in the reduced quality of Environmental Impact Statements (EISs). This research critically evaluates AQ impact prediction methods in three EISs through analyzing four stages: impact identification, impact assessment, significance evaluation and mitigation measures using a best practice technique evaluative checklist approach.

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Climate Resilient Coastlines, UK

Climate change has taken its toll on the UK coastline through increased sea levels, increased rate of erosion and heightened flood frequency and intensity. This has had detrimental impacts on people and the economy through the destruction and damage of infrastructure. With global mean temperatures still predicted to increase, the UK coastline is more than likely to experience further destruction if effective steps are not taken to strengthen the resilience of coastal infrastructure.

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Global Warming: Why there is need for Climate Action

About 90 percent of disasters in recent decades in Africa are been driven by weather and climate. Food production is at risk of declining. And there is reduction in length of the growing season, which affects the farmer’s livelihood. This paper reviews articles on global warming and climate change from credible sources like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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The Fashion Industry and its Effects on the Environment

Over recent years many issues within the fashion industry have come to light regarding its workplace culture. Amongst some significant sustainability issues, such as the exploitation of labour, the fashion industry can also be characterised by its disproportionate environmental footprint. From the moment of manufacturing to the process of purchasing and discarding items, the fashion […]

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