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Our Mobile Social App

Linking All GWCN Member Organisations under Themed Channels.

About the App

A sustainable future cannot be built with the efforts of only one country or region; it requires worldwide engagement. The GWCN Social App has been created to foster international cooperation in addressing global environmental challenges.

Many of our member organisations might want to find similar organizations in your region, or look for partnerships or expertise among the institutions abroad.

It is because of this that GWCN has invested in developing a social networking app to facilitate strategic communication and networking so that consistent, innovative and informed growth can be realized, and synergy can be driven through collaboration, cooperation, and idea sharing.

What is the GWCN Social App about?

GWCN Social App is a Communication and Networking Application designed to be exclusively used by GWCN members to exchange ideas and research and share resources and content in the form of posts and conversations that are related to the interests of the environmental and energy sectors.

Why Use the App?

Each of our members serves the society in their own way and in their own community, region or country. They accumulate unique experiences and knowledge – exchanging this knowledge though GWCN Social App is an efficient way to develop collaboratively in one’s own areas of work.

The following is a short list of the many possible ways that users will benefit from interacting among each other through the App: The App is designed to be the platform for communication among GWCN members in order to enable them to:

  • Find partners and similar organizations from around the world
  • Foster exchange of ideas and experiences
  • Cooperate on scientific and environmental research
  • Facilitate open discussion in solving global problems in specialized conversations and groups
  • Cooperate in the full, open and prompt exchange of relevant scientific, technological, legal and any other information related to environmental and sustainable development challenges.

Using the App

Sign In Page

Receiving your credentials from GWCN

After registering, a member will receive an email with login credentials.

Accessing the App

Use the credentials (login and password) provided by GWCN to access the App. The system will remember your credentials allowing you to remain logged in for later use.

Profile Page

Your profile will help others who interact with you know who you are.

Filling out your profile

Go to “My Profile” tab, include/update information about yourself.

Managing privacy settings

Change visibility for your contact information.

Choose visible for “Everyone”, visible for “Only My Groups” or uncheck both boxes to hide your contact information.

Home Page

Exploring Groups and Conversations

Communicate worldwide with GWCN Social App, build meaningful connections in your professional areas. Explore regional groups, share your ideas, and learn from others’ experiences. In the tab “All groups” choose the groups you are interested to interact with. The selected groups will be displayed in “Home tab” under “My groups”.

All Groups Page

Join the Conversation you like

Choose the conversations and groups according to your interest and expertise. Communicate worldwide with GWCN Social app, build meaningful connections in your professional areas.

Explore regional Groups, share your ideas, and learn from others’ experience. 

members Page

Search for Members by Country

Go to “Members” tab, select a country, and find all the members from that selected country. 

Choose a member from the list and view their “Member Details”. 

GWCN Info Page

Technical Support and General Information

GWCN tab contains the information about the Application and the purpose of its creation. 

Should you need technical support, please refer to this tab for contact information. 


Haven’t found the answer to your question here? Please contact our technical support team on

Where can I get the App?

The app is already available in the Google Play Store and App Store.

How to download the App?

You can easily find GWCN App by typing GWCN in the search bar. This is the result you will see. Tap on the logo – GWCN and install the App for free!

How to register? How to receive login credentials?

Use the credentials (login and password) provided by GWCN to access the App. All GWCN users will be forwarded an email with their login credentials. If you haven’t received the e-mail, please contact the technical support.

I can’t find the App on the Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.

After typing “GWCN” you may see irrelevant results like “GWEN” and not “GWCN”. Please tap on “search GWCN instead” to find the App.

How to log in or out? My credentials are not working.

  • Make sure you use the same credentials granted to you in the email.
  • Check out “spaces” after e-mail and password.

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