Publication Process


Publication Process

It is to be noted that the Copyright belongs to the Author with one-time right to GWCN.


When we receive your paper, its details will be entered into our database and the paper will be allocated a unique reference number. You will receive a letter of acknowledgement via e-mail when you have successfully submitted your files, which includes the reference number. The editor-in-chief will check that the paper is appropriate for the journal in terms of word count, scope and quality. Some papers will be returned to authors without being refereed if they do not pass these initial tests. Authors should adhere strictly to the guidelines for submission; failure to do so may result in delays.


Environmental Network Journal uses a double-blind review process. Neither author(s) nor referee/reviewer(s) know the others’ identities. The authors’ names, addresses and other forms of identification will not appear on the version sent to referees/reviewers. Referees are given deadlines for return of comments and where these are not forthcoming, alternatives will be found.


The editorial team will decide whether to accept or reject a paper based on the advice of referees, and in some cases that of members of the Editorial Board. One of the journal editors will provide the corresponding author with the referees’ feedback. At this stage, an editor will inform the author whether the article requires minor or major revision, or whether the paper will be accepted as it is or rejected. If an article requires only minor revision, the revised manuscript will be assessed by the assigned editor. If a paper requires major revision, we will usually return the manuscript to the referees for assessment after revision. At this stage the referees may recommend that the journal accept or that it requires further revisions. In some cases referees may still recommend that the article be rejected if they judge the revisions to be unsatisfactory.


If the editors invite you to revise your paper on the basis of the referees’ comments, they suggest a time frame of one month to revise the manuscript. However, this time frame can be negotiated.

Please note that, for papers that have received a "Revise" decision, the following documents are required along at the time of submitting the revision:

  • A document that outlines the reviewer comments, with author responses to each individual comment;
  • A version of the manuscript with track-changes visible; and
  • A clean version of the manuscript (without track-changes).
Acceptance and Publication

After acceptance, a manuscript enters the production process. The amount of time between acceptance and publication depends on two factors: the number of accepted articles awaiting publication, and the editorial team’s prerogative to achieve a balance in the journal’s content between, for example, topics, regions and institutions. Articles will be published online shortly after final approval from the author and the editorial team.

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