Our Environment, Our Future

Help Us Reduce Environmental Pollution

GWCN plays a vital role in the growing worldwide movement to reduce the impact of Environmental pollution on society via advocacy and the implementation of evidence-based programs to reduce pollution in Oceans, Coastlines, Lands and the Atmosphere.

The purpose of the Global Waste Cleaning Network is to support environmental activities, showcase and connect the network members, contribute to environmental debates, foster environmental research, and spread environment related information.


We Advocate for Environmental Issues and Good Practices

GWCN advocates for global environmental issues, focusing on energy, marine debris, air and plastic pollution, and waste management.

We also advocate for good practices among NGOs and educational institutions on UN environmental policy and offer guidance on improving the quality of work in the Environmental community worldwide.

Our Mission

Conserving Clean Earth

GWCN is dedicated to conserving and maintaining healthy oceans, coastlines, lands and the atmosphere for both people and nature.

Through research and conservation projects, clean-up campaigns, environmental education, and involvement in a range of important international committees, GWCN undertakes concrete steps for a more healthy life.

To this end, GWCN seeks to protect, preserve and improve the environment for the benefit of mankind through:

  • the establishment of an international network of active environmental organizations and specialists
  • the awareness raising of waste negative effects on the environment
  •  the promotion of good waste management practices
  •  the contribution to the advancement of research in waste management.

Our Vision

Bridging World Environment Actors

GWCN believes in a world where the oceans, coastlines, lands and atmosphere are safe and healthy.

As such, GWCN envisions the establishment of a worldwide network that would become influential in making the Earth’s oceans, coastlines, lands and atmosphere safe and healthy through the promotion of proper waste management.

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