Air Pollution


Air Pollution

Reducing Waste Pollution

Raising awareness about the negative effect on the environment of trash burning, car emissions, and chemicals from factories.

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Climate change and air pollution: two problems that are interrelated

Climate change and air pollution are two serious problems, as both affect the ecosystems, species and population. There are several articles discussing both problems and how these two are related, showing how the interaction occurs in different space and time scales, through various mechanisms.

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Thinking out of the Box – Green Solutions for Lebanon

There are plenty of good ideas that need to be implemented. There should be someone to LEAD the start of the implementation pushing the social groups to follow or to copy the model. Eng. Marcel Mansour highlights in this article the main environmental problems in Lebanon and proposes solutions for them.

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Evaluating Current Air Pollution Impact Prediction Practices in the United Kingdom

The current lack of adequate Air Quality (AQ) Impact Assessment in the United Kingdom has repeatedly been emphasized in previous studies to be one of the main factors in the reduced quality of Environmental Impact Statements (EISs). This research critically evaluates AQ impact prediction methods in three EISs through analyzing four stages: impact identification, impact assessment, significance evaluation and mitigation measures using a best practice technique evaluative checklist approach.

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The Fashion Industry and its Effects on the Environment

Over recent years many issues within the fashion industry have come to light regarding its workplace culture. Amongst some significant sustainability issues, such as the exploitation of labour, the fashion industry can also be characterised by its disproportionate environmental footprint. From the moment of manufacturing to the process of purchasing and discarding items, the fashion […]

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