Landfill Sites


Controlling Landfill Sites

Conserving Clean Earth

Researching and raising awareness about the negative effects of uncontrolled open waste dumps on the environment.

Promoting good garbage discharge, and leachate and methane gas management practices.

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Articles & Presentations

Global Waste Trade and its Effects on Landfills in Developing Countries

There does exist a world where global waste trade benefits importing and exporting country equity. To reach this state of equity, governments worldwide will have to work together to ensure systems are not overwhelmed and within their own nations to manage as much solid as possible adequately and sustainably.

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Landfill gas-to-energy conversion power plants

Landfill gas is a product that is released during the fermentation of organic substances under anaerobic conditions (without oxygen). It is a high-energy fuel that can substitute fossil fuel. Depending upon the landfill design, as well as waste composition, compaction, moisture and several other factors, landfills are available to collect and use this valuable renewable […]

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