Middle East and North Africa Green Steel Summit 2024

Dubai, UAE / 11-12 September 2024

About the Event

Organizer ‘s name: ECV International

Event profile:

MENA is a highly promising new hub for green steel. According to a market report, the green steel market in the MENA region is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 38% during the forecast period (2025-30) due to increasing inclination towards sustainable and environment-friendly products in the region.

This MENA Green Steel Summit 2024 (Middle East and North Africa Green Steel Summit 2024) will bring together professionals from the iron and steel industry as well as other relevant stakeholders to discuss the situation and trends of green steel development in the MENA region, and to delve into the latest achievements in steel carbon reduction. The summit is expected to further unleash the potential of green steel in the MENA region, attract more cooperation and investment opportunities for the green steel market , and contribute to the green transformation of global steel.


The Prospect of Green Steel Development in MENA

Sustainable Steel Production with Green Hydrogen

Renewable Energy in Green Steel

Partnerships & Innovations

Sustainable Mining

Innovative Ironmaking

Scrap in Driving Low Carbon Production of Steel

How to Boost the Demands for Green Steel

Exploring Green Finance Mechanisms

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Iron Electrolysis

Metallurgical Equipment Innovation and Upgrading

Solar Power and Green Hydrogen

Advanced SOEC Electrolysis