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Treatment Methods for Reducing Nitrogen Content in Landfill Leachate

AuthorMs. Giulia PristeràTreatment Methods for Reducing Nitrogen Content in Landfill LeachateAbbreviationsAC=Activated CarbonAOB=Ammonium-Oxidizing BacteriaAOP=Advanced Oxidation ProcessesBNR=Biological Nitrogen RemovalCOD=Chemical Oxygen DemandDO=Dissolved OxygenGHG=Greenhouse GasMAP=Magnesium Ammonium PhosphateNOB=Nitrite-Oxidizing BacteriaRO=Reverse OsmosisSNAD=Simultaneous Partial Nitrification, Anammox and DenitrificationTIN=Total...

Landfill gas-to-energy conversion power plants

Landfill gas is a product that is released during the fermentation of organic substances under anaerobic conditions (without oxygen). It is a high-energy fuel that can substitute fossil fuel. Depending...
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