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An Analysis of Renewable Energy Options for Rural Water Supply in Nigeria

Author Mr. Femi Ogunnigbo Abstract Nigeria is endowed with water resources but still experiencing a water supply deficit. Water interventions need to be sustainable and eco-friendly. The article analysed renewable...

Second Generation Bioethanol – An Overview

AuthorMs. Giulia PristeràSecond Generation Bioethanol - An OverviewAbbreviationsGHG=Greenhouse GasiLUC=Indirect Land Use ChangeLCA=Life Cycle AssessmentLUC=Land Use Change1 AbstractBioethanol is an effective alternative to fossil fuels, as it is a renewable energy source...

The Status of Renewable Energy Industry in India

Presentation prepared for GWCN by Dhitasree Guha Roy.

Renewable Energy Industry in India – A Path towards Sustainability

AuthorMs. Dhitasree Guha RoyRenewable Energy Industry in India – A Path towards Sustainability AbstractIndia, the 2nd largest populated country and one of the exceptional performers of the global economy has witnessed...
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