Reducing Carbon Sources

Informing the public about the dangers of deforestation which is responsible for releasing greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, and taking firm stand against any deforestation activities.

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Impact of Forest Ecosystems and Deforestation on the Climate

Forest ecosystems can store significant amounts of carbon, thus acting as a carbon sink. This effect is reduced by the decline in forest-covered land, and therefore by deforestation. However, the relationship between forest ecosystems and climate is not entirely straightforward and several factors need to be considered.

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Consequences of Deforestation on the Environment

For as much as the causes of deforestation could keep being put up for a continuous debate, the fact of the matter is that it represents an environmental issue. Namely, human overpopulation creates the need for additional agricultural land, and more often than not, construction of consumer-driven industrial facilities or our ceaseless demand for solid […]

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