European NEV Industry Chain Conference 2024

Munich, Germany / 6-7 May 2024


Under the phased target of zero emissions of 2035, sales of new energy vehicles are gradually increasing in Europe. At the same time, given the rise of hot sales of Chinese popular NEVs models in Europe, European management leaders are accelerating the layout of the local manufacturing of new energy vehicles and batteries.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are honored to invite you to European NEV Industry Chain Conference 2024. The summit will be held on May 6-7th, 2024 in Munich, Germany with the theme of “Driving Green Innovation: Premier NEV Platform for a Sustainable Future in Europe”.

The conference will update the NEVs industry development in Germany, France, Norway, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Denmark for marketization status, with the aim of collecting all the industry peers to work together, and push local innovation technologies.

Since anti-subsidy investigation into electric vehicles coming from China, and European local consumers’ demand for civilian price, how would European local OEMs, battery manufacturers and suppliers grasp the opportunity and produce enough NEVs to fill the gap? The two-day European NEV Industry Chain Conference 2024 is committed to building a comprehensive platform for information sharing by gathering more than 500 selected senior attendees from Public Organizations, Academic Institutes, OEMs, Battery Manufacturers, Tier 1 & 2 Players, Charging & Infrastructure Providers, Power & Utilities & Grids, Technology Providers, and Consulting Companies, to discuss the challenges and solutions, and to discover the road for the rapid and healthy development of European NEVs & Battery industry.