The 26th World Energy Congress

Rotterdam, The Netherlands / 22-25 April 2024

About the Event


The World Energy Congress is the world’s longest established energy event, having shaped the global energy agenda for a century. In today’s unpredictable, turbulent and fast-shifting world, the 26th World Energy Congress will be the most important energy convening of the next decade.  

Taking place from 22-25 April 2024 in Rotterdam and co-hosted by the World Energy Council and the Government of the Netherlands, the 26th World Energy Congress is a critical turning point for clean and inclusive energy transitions worldwide and an opportunity to design and deliver better energy futures.

The only global energy event convening 200+ C-suite speakers and 70+ Ministers, alongside 7,000+ international energy stakeholders, the Congress enables the highest levels of government-to-government dialogue and unites businesses and communities of all shapes and sizes. This four-day event bridges sectors, geographies, generations and systems to make faster, fairer, and more far reaching energy transitions happen.

Under the theme ‘Redesigning energy for people and planet’, an impact-focused content programme of 60+ sessions is built on the collective insights and experience of the Council’s unique global network of over 3,000 member organisations and presence in more than 100 countries. With a world class exhibition and unparalleled networking opportunities, the 26th World Energy Congress will challenge conventional thinking and drive action to progress clean, fair and inclusive energy transitions in all world regions. 

  • Four days of impact-focused content speaking to the entire energy ecosystem.
  • Deeply experienced global community of leaders and visionaries.
  • Immersive and interactive mix of formats.
  • World Energy Leaders’ Dialogues, roundtables for international CEOs, ministers, city leaders and special guests.
  • World-class exhibition: cutting-edge products and services.
  • Bilateral meetings, social and networking events to connect with peers.



Navigating new energy maps

Bridging the new and emerging realities of global energy transitions

Recent global energy crises have triggered a renewed focus on managing security while progressing energy transitions at an unprecedented speed and scale. The global ambition is clear, but visions and decarbonisation pathways differ. This thematic will navigate the new energy maps shaped by climate change, geopolitics, and new technologies, and the deeper societal transformation opportunities of globally inclusive energy transitions.

Refuelling the future

Leveraging a greater mix of energy sources, solutions and services

Increasingly diverse energy mixes – from low carbon fuels to renewable power systems – are driving wider demand for critical materials, the development of global energy vectors and value chains, and new storage solutions. This thematic will explore the role of new fuels, new power systems and new storage challenges, including hydrogen and bio-based fuels, electricity generated in space and giga-batteries.

Humanising energy

Engaging people and communities in making global energy transitions happen The best way to make faster, fairer and more far reaching energy transitions happen is to involve more people and diverse communities. This thematic will convene visionary leaders and doers from across the world and from all levels of modern energy societies to share real-life experiences and stories about progressing successful energy transitions in their community, country and region.

Pathfinding with the World Energy Trilemma

Connecting energy security, affordability and sustainability

For more than a decade, the World Energy Council’s landmark World Energy Trilemma has been used to measure performance and guide national energy policy in over 120 countries by connecting the dots between security, affordability and environmental sustainability. This thematic will explore how each of these dimensions is evolving.

Closing the gaps

Enabling faster, fairer and more far-reaching energy transitions

Energy transitions around the world are not moving fast enough to keep global warming below 1.5oC. Implementation gaps are widening on several fronts, including the flow of investment, development of infrastructure, structural inequalities, and climate change momentum. This thematic will explore the implications of policy and institutional innovation in accelerating decarbonisation with fairness and inclusion.

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🗓️ 22-25 April 2024

📍 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

🔗 Register online at www.worldenergycongress.org