6th Pacific Urban Forum 2023

Suva, Fiji Islands / 5-7 September 2023

About the Event

The Sixth Pacific Urban Forum (PUF), hosted in Suva, Fiji Islands from 5th to 7th September 2023, marks a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable and equitable urban development in the Pacific region. As we celebrate 20 years since the first PUF, this inclusive, multi-stakeholder platform offers a vital opportunity to address the rapid urbanization trends facing Pacific Islands Countries, encompassing challenges such as unemployment, inequality, urban service pressures, affordable housing, and climate change vulnerabilities.

As a speaker at the event, Mr. Pallawish Kumar (GWCN Membership Manager for Oceania), who specialises in Climate Resilience, Policy Analysis and Marine Research, shared the importance of Youth urban development and environmental degradation in the Pacific region.

The Pacific region, with its unique ecological diversity and vulnerability to climate change, is particularly in need of sustainable development practices. Sustainable development in the Pacific will heavily rely on opportunities for young people to travel overseas for training and employment. By involving youth in sustainable urban development initiatives, the Pacific region can tap into the energy, creativity, and passion of the younger generation to address environmental issues and create long-term solutions. Furthermore, youth involvement in sustainable urban development can also contribute to economic growth and social development in the Pacific region.

With an estimated 2.8 billion city dwellers in the Asia-Pacific region by 2030, youth involvement in sustainable urban development is essential for creating livable and resilient cities. Youth engagement in sustainable urban development brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to address the complex challenges facing the Pacific region. Their knowledge of technology and social media can be harnessed to raise awareness, mobilise communities, and drive sustainable initiatives forward. Moreover, involving youth insustainable urban development ensures that their needs and aspirations are considered indecision-making processes to avoid the damages to the environment.