Ms. Seokwang Modise

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Membership Manager - Southern Africa

Ms. Seokwang Modise

South Africa

An Environmental/ Forestry Scientist with over 11 years of experience, and striving for a balance in all aspects of sustainability.

A former employee of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries - South Africa, whose focus was on the implementation of the environmental law, climate change programmes, research, national forest monitoring system (remote sensing & geographic information system), and the environmental impact assessments whilst influencing the development of environmental management frameworks, spatial development plans as well as the environmental information management system.

Currently, she holds MSc. in Agriculture (Forestry), Honours of Science in Geography and Environmental Studies.

Besides the scientific work, she has had positive impact on enterprise development by ensuring that forestry related projects are sustained for emerging individual/ communities through training, business plans, sponsorship and monitoring their progress.

On the social aspect, her focus has been to nurture vulnerable communities - food security (establishment of orchard & vegetable gardens at orphanages), health (HIV/AIDS counselling & testing) and disaster management which requires for humanitarian intervention. In addition, involved the youth in ecological Infrastructure management/ partnerships especially clean up campaigns/awareness as well as rehabilitation projects. She has had an extensive experience in engaging with diverse stakeholders at local, national and international level in addressing environmental issues.

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