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Ms. Rana Kamaladdin


Rana Kamaladdin is a student and humanitarian worker from Sana’a Yemen. She’s a 2nd year Master's student in Sustainability Leadership at the Global Futures Department at Arizona State University (USA) and has a second Masters in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (Spain). Her Bachelor’s degree was in International Business Management (Lebanon) and also had an exchange Masters semester from the Lebanese American University in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies. Her vision is “to consistently encourage myself and the individuals around me to be empowered, determined and hopeful to create a sustainable world where everyone can overcome daily life challenges and have their needs met, to be able to reach desired goals and dreams” and her mission is “to serve as a humanitarian leader by using my influence, charisma and dedication to create change agents for a sustainable world”

Creating a context where sustainability and gender equality are presented as long-term processes has always been a goal of Rana's, believing that individuals, organizations, and governments must constantly strive for. It is a process that she has dedicated her career to advocating. Programmatically, she is currently working as a BHA Program Officer (Programs and Operations). Her role involves working closely and supporting 8 Senior Technical staff. These include a Project Director, Deputy Project Director, H&N Senior Manager, WASH Senior Manager, CP Manager, MEAL Manager, Finance, Reporting and Awards Manager, Pharmaceuticals Coordinator and Supply Chain Coordinator in the lifesaving Health & Nutrition, WASH, Child Protection & Food Assistance project, while being a focal point for cross cutting themes (Gender, Sustainability, etc.. ) across the field offices in Yemen.

In her spare time, she plays on her guitar, continues to learn French and Japanese and travels around to explore new destinations with her friends. Also she tries to engage in volunteering work at organizations around the globe like AIESEC and TBB to further get involved in the humanitarian movement for a better world.

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