Mrs. Alessandra de Magalhaes Lisboa

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Strategic Partnerships Manager

Mrs. Alessandra de Magalhes Lisboa

Alessandra is a very enthusiastic professional with a passion for helping others and making a better world to everyone. A true believer that every person can and should give his/her contribution to future generations. 


She holds a Master’s Degree in Peacekeeping Management from the University of Turin, Italy and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the Catholic University of Brasilia. She has a vast and diverse background that includes work with migration (returnees), victims of human trafficking, electoral assistance, education, political affairs and humanitarian/aid coordination. She has worked in Brazil, Sudan, Guinea-Bissau, Cambodia, and East-Timor.  She is always excited and willing to be part of fast moving multicultural teams. 


Alessandra’s passion for environmental issues brought her to the GWCN team, where she can use all her skills to make a positive and substantive impact by helping to build awareness and boost this global initiative and network. 


In her spare time, Alessandra enjoys horse riding, dancing, gastronomy, learning about different cultures and being in contact with nature.

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