Mr. Praveen Johri

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Senior Partnership Director

Mr. Praveen Johri

With nearly 30 years of experience in the global telecom industry, Praveen brings in immense international expertise to the team. Praveen has Bachelors degree in Telecommunications from a premier institution in India and MBA from Cranfield University, UK. He is presently a senior executive at a leading MNC.

His inclination to associate himself with not-for-profit sector is rooted in his desire and keen passion to give back to the society. He is a Trustee in Life Wins Foundation; an NGO which is cofounded by his spouse and active in early detection and prevention of breast and cervical cancer amongst women in lower strata of India.

Sustainability, climate and optimal utilisation of natural resources and waste management are the subjects close to his heart. He is responsible for fostering partnerships and alliances/ collaborations with like minded organisations, NGOs and institutions active in academia and climate research projects.

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