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Membership Manager - Oceania

Mr. Pallawish Kumar


Pallawish Kumar is a distinguished figure renowned for his multifaceted expertise spanning climate resilience, human capital development, and creative pursuits. With over seven years of international experience, he has established himself as a leader in these domains.

Having collaborated with various NGOs and projects, Pallawish has garnered acclaim from prestigious institutions such as the United Nations, European Union, Island Innovation, PNG Government, and the Government of Bangladesh.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Pallawish is a prolific author, recently publishing a captivating storybooks- and several other notable publications. He also contributes significantly to the community as the co-founder of two NGOs in the Asia Pacific region and as the founder of OACRI (Ocean and Climatic Research Institute)

Beyond his professional commitments, Pallawish's passion for wildlife photography and his recreational pilot license enrich his diverse portfolio. As a wildlife photographer and Director of The Picture House Fiji Photography, he not only captures the splendor of nature but also advocates for conservation and biodiversity preservation.

Overall, Pallawish Kumar's diverse skill set, international recognition, and unwavering dedication exemplify his commitment to effecting positive change in climate resilience, human capital development, and creative expression. He stands as an inspiration and a catalyst for progress in our global community.

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