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Membership Manager - Oceania

Mr. Pallawish Kumar


Pallawish Kumar is a Human Resource Specialist from Fiji and a highly accomplished individual in the field of climate awareness. His work focuses on questions regarding Climate Change, Sustainability And Human Resources Management. "We call upon our governments to take targeted action. We need to act together and act now against the impacts of climate change. Let youth share ideas & create policies."

Pallawish has studied Human Resources and International Relations at Fiji National University in Fiji. He later graduated from Fiji National University and currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and International Relations. He is currently working on his Postgraduate degree in Climate Change Management. 

Pallawish has been part of several Ngo's and projects involving climate change, human rights and sustainable development goals. Most notably, he holds many international Ambassador Positions and recognitions such from UN, EU, Island innovation and Moyurpongkhi Bangladesh...

His interests consist of human resources in general, climate change and its subsequent connection with SDGS. He is an avid hiker and nature lover who enjoys travelling and experiencing the outdoors. Also he is a professional Scuba diver and Wildlife photographer.

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