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Membership Manager - Western Africa

Mr. Onyekachi Nwafor


Onyekachi is a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. His industrial experience spans Consulting, Financial Services, Development and the Energy sector.

He is also an international development specialist certified by Dataville International Research Institute. Onyekachi has undergone online study on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under the United Nations Compact Program and many other certifications.

He is looking forward to advance his education and career in Energy Sustainability and Environment.

Onyekachi currently works in an energy consulting firm as business development manager where he:
- analyzes several big data set generated from surveys conducted, and using various analytical tools to generate comparative report on energy sector.
- prepares data backed hydropower generation, energy conservation and economic articles and reports.
- handles research coverage of the supply/demand forecasts and opportunities for trade for up to 2025 in West and East Africa.
- coordinates several market research and survey reports on energy conservation mechanism in Nigerian buildings, which has been used as input to help in business development initiatives.

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