Mr. Keyvan Osivandi

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Membership Manager - Central Europe

Mr. Keyvan Osivandi


Keyvan Osivandi holds a master's degree in geology from Technical University of Aachen, Germany, and a master's degree in poverty reduction from SOAS University of London, UK.

As a French and US-American national, he has worked in the private energy sector for nearly 15 years in Germany and Austria, currently focusing on the energy transition towards renewable energy. His social science research project aimed to investigate the effects of international child sponsorships on the well-being and livelihood development of children and young adults. Having developed a passion for the piano, he has volunteered as piano teacher for unaccompanied refugee children in Vienna, Austria.

Protecting the environment and respecting the interactions between environmental issues and human development have always been on his mind. He is a strong advocate for lifelong learning and always eager to put his skills and knowledge to use.

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