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Director General

Dr. Roger Achkar

Dr. Roger Achkar is the main founder of GWCN. He holds a Doctorate in Social Science from the University of Leicester in the UK, an MBA from Cranfield University in the UK, a Masters in Systems Management and Engineering from CentraleSupelec University in France, and a Masters in Electromechanical Engineering from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon.

He held many senior and managerial positions at multinational and regional organizations in the MENA region, and forged a track record of success across multiple industries such as Power Generation, District Energy and Cooling, and E-Business and Marketing Consulting. He is currently interested in the role that social science research plays in understanding and addressing the challenges and impacts of renewable and efficient energy systems, sustainable energy transition, and climate change.

In his role as Director General and Dean of Research at GWCN, Roger contributes to the strategy of the network, coordinates partnerships with large NGOs and Universities, ensures that the organization maintains high social responsibility, provides guidance across academic and research programs of the associated Environmental Network Research Center, approves commitment of funds, leads sustainability and energy related programs and conferences, and supervises technology-based operations and AI modelling projects

Roger is an international award winning author. He is also passionate about traveling, world history and classical music.

Latest News and Appearances
  • Speaker at the 'Addressing Sustainable Development Goals' Conference by Mapua University, Manila, Philippines, Sep 2021
  • Speaker at the 'Plastic in Circular Economy: Production – Processing – Secondary Usage' Conference, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Feb 2022
  • Interview at Radio Liban Libre, Al Nashra el elmiya program, Lebanon, Sep 2022
  • Interview at OTV, Noqta Fasle program, Lebanon, Sep 2022
  • Panelist at the 'Middle East Clean Energy 2022' Conference, Lebanon, Sep 2022
  • Speaker at the European Economic and Social Committee’s hearing “THE OCEANS AND THEIR FUTURE – International Ocean Governance in need of a multidisciplinary approach”, European Union, Brussels, Belgium, Nov 2022
  • Featured under 'Success Stories' on the website of L'Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth (USJ), Jan 2023
  • Article titled 'Les réglementations environnementales internationales … socle de durabilité du développement mondial', Africa Green Magazine, Jan 2023
  • Interview Article titled 'Serving African Communities through Environmental Research', the African Report Files, Jan 2023
  • Featured under 'Alumni through the Ages' on the website of the University of Leicester, Feb 2023
  • Panelist at the 1st Investment Fair for Energy in Mali (SIEMA 2023), Mali, Feb 2023
  • Sole Keynote Speaker at the Award Ceremony of the VISION 2050 Challenge, Lima, Peru, Apr 2023
  • Awarded the Highly Commended Certificate, Dr Mark Sims Memorial for Public Service Award 2023, Leicester, UK, May 2023
  • Panel Moderator at the Lebanon International Solar Week 2023, Jun 2023
  • Speaker at the Global Tech Summit 2023, Toronto, Canada, Aug 2023
  • Started a LinkedIn weekly newsletter named ‘Energy & Sustainability’ in Jan 2024
  • Confirmed Speaker at the Leadership Summit of the Middle East Energy 2024 event, Dubai, UAE, Apr 2024
  • Confirmed Keynote Speaker at the European NEV Industry Chain Conference 2024, Munich, Germany, May 2024
  • Confirmed Keynote Speaker at the UrbanScapes Middle East Summit 2024, Dubai, UAE, May 2024
  • Confirmed Speaker at Middle East Clean Energy 2022, Lebanon, May 2024
  • Confirmed Panel Moderator at the Lebanon International Solar Week 2024, May 2024
  • Confirmed Participant at the Harvard Climate Action Week 2024, Boston, USA, June 2024
  • Confirmed Speaker at the Global Congress on Recycling and Waste Management, Rome, Italy, October 2024
  • Confirmed Speaker at the Solar+Storage NX 2024 Fair, Istanbul, Turkey, Nov 2024
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