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Renewable Energy Expert

Dr. Mohamed Alhaj

Dr. Mohamed Alhaj is a competent renewable energy engineer, and expert and award-winning researcher, and a strong advocate for sustainable development.

Dr. Mohamed completed his Ph.D. at 28 years old, at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (Qatar) where he worked on developing a sustainable solar-driven seawater desalination technology. His Ph.D. research, which received several prestigious awards, investigated the technical performance, environmental impact, and economic feasibility of solar-driven low-pressure thermal desalination, particularly for water-scarce countries. Dr. Mohamed also completed a MSc in Energy Technology from the National University of Malaysia and a BEng Honors in Mechatronic Engineering from the the University of Nottingham.

He is an expert in renewable energy research, having published several peer-reviewed papers in high-impact journals in the areas of sustainability, solar energy, desalination, and life-cycle assessment. He is also an editorial board member in several journals. Dr. Mohamed has also delivered talks at global conferences in the U.S., Singapore, and Qatar.

Dr. Mohamed is the founder and director of Clean Energy 4 Africa (CE4A), which is an African think-tank that promotes renewable energy in Sudan & Africa. CE4A conducts market intelligence, consultancy studies, and capacity building programs to support the sustainable energy transition in Sudan and Africa. Clean Energy 4 Africa has been recognized by the UN as being among the top 100 youth initiatives globally that promote SDG7.

Dr. Mohamed is regularly invited by international organizations to deliver talks on renewable energy and energy access, especially in Sudan. In June 2021, he was invited to deliver keynote remarks on energy access at the UN High-Level Ministerial Segment on Energy Access.

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