Dr. Martyna Syposz

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Nature Conservation Specialist

Dr. Martyna Syposz

Martyna Syposz is a zoology scientist. She has just finished a PhD at Oxford University where she explored the effects of light pollution on migrating seabirds.

Martyna is passionate about nature and wildlife conservation. She loves sharing her knowledge with researchers and the public on conferences, outreach events, in class or by writing about environmental issues.

Her most recent volunteering position was in the Aldabra Clean-Up Project. The project’s main goal was to clean up a remote UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Aldabra Atoll in Seychelles. Once the group removed 25 tonnes of marine debris from turtle nesting beaches, they got involved in repurposing the rubbish and raising awareness about the plastic pollution.

Martyna is always keen to go climbing, running, cycling or doing yoga.

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