Ms. Maha Boubakri

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Membership Manager - Northern Africa

Ms. Maha Boubakri


A Multilingual fresh graduate mechanical engineer, Maha successfully completed early this year an online course: Energy efficiency action plan in the Higher education building sector Med-EcoSuRe project, which aims to value and implement innovative and Eco sustainable energy renovation solutions for Mediterranean higher education institutions, under the ENI CBC MED program.

Throughout her academic internships in the aerospace sector (Latécoère, STELIA aerospace and Corse Composites Aéronautiques CCA) and due to her current position as a DMU engineer in the automotive sector (Kromberg and Schubert), she has been learning that reversing the environmental impacts from industrial processes requires the commitment to sustainable development.

Also, because she believes in the importance of knowledge sharing and self-actualization, she is an active member in the non profit Tunisian organisation AGEOS and a participant in the GIZ Tunisian project «Promoting Women's Talents», under the regional program EconoWin.

Maha is working on boosting her personal and professional skills to contribute to her community’s development.

She is a beginner oil painter.

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