Ms. Darija Maraš

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Membership Manager - Southeast Europe

Ms. Darija Maraš

Czech Republic

Darija is currently studying at Charles University for her MA in Geopolitical studies. Previously she studied History and Political Science at the Moscow State Pedagogical University. She is also a local coordinator in the Czech Republic for the organization of Montenegrins Studying Abroad.

Environmentalism has always been a big part of Darija’s life, since she grew up in Montenegro, a self-proclaimed ecological state, that encouraged young students to participate in all sorts of activities dedicated to this cause. However, the situation in Montenegro is far from ideal, which inspired Darija to join the collective effort of reducing the harm caused to our environment, not only in her country, but globally. This is the reason why Darija volunteered with the Global Waste Cleaning Network (GWCN) and joined their effort to map environmental organizations.

Darija’s main interests are mostly connected to Balkans, be it geopolitics, environmentalism, or something else, but are certainly not limited to this region. As any student of political science, she is observing the global political process, that is now perhaps more than ever, engaged with environmentalism.

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