Ms. Chisanga Ordiria Kapacha

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Senior Membership Administrator

Ms. Chisanga Ordiria Kapacha


Chisanga is a membership officer aiming to contribute to environmental management and sustainability in order to foster a clean, safe and healthy environment.

She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in water and environmental engineering at the Université Hassan II De Casablanca, which is being funded by the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB Zambia) and the Moroccan government. In addition, she is also a member of the Young Africans Leaders Initiative (YALI).

As professional who is passionate about community development and environmental sustainability, Chisanga served as a volunteer for the Goodness And Mercy Missions (GMM) in Cameroon. 

One of the primary reasons she decided to volunteer with GWCN is to contribute to bringing sustainability to our environment by helping reduce the impact of environmental pollution in societies via advocacy and promotion of environmental activities.

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