Ms. Rucha Vaidya

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Ms. Rucha Vaidya


Rucha Vaidya is a Senior Research Fellow at India Institute of Science, Bengaluru. Her work relates to drinking water quality in urban distribution networks. The project includes assimilating and analyzing online sensor as well as collected data and developing a model to simulate water quality in the distribution network. She has previous research experience in plant endophytobiom in the context of sustainable agriculture. She wishes to combine these experiences to work at the intersection of water and agriculture fields in the future.

She has a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Pune University.

She is interested in further exploring topics close to her heart like urban agriculture and water recycling and she is also looking forward to understanding new topics that have caught her attention like human recycling and biodiversity change.

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