Ms. Nina Schmüser

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Ms. Nina Schmüser


Nina Schmüser holds a Master's degree in Economics from Heidelberg University and a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science from Münster University. She is experienced in economic and political literature research and regression analysis. In her Master's, she specialized in Environmental Economics and Finance.

In her Master thesis, she analyzed empirical data on emission allowances and stock returns of companies participating in an emission trading scheme (ETS) in California. In the analysis, she used CAPM- and factor-model regressions from financial theory and constructed pollution emission portfolios of companies. With these models, she examined if there is a pollution premium in stock returns for ETS-participating companies.

Due to her passion for environmental sustainability, she has worked next to her studies in the sustainability team at the German software company SAP. There, she has conducted research on environmental issues and solutions for companies. Specifically, she gained work experience in environmental management (ISO 14001). During her studies, she has also been active in student organizations for environmental sustainability.

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