Ms. Naivy Jimenez

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Ms. Naivy Jimenez


Naivy finished a bachelor's degree in earth sciences, where she learned with different science disciplines how the planet systems are connected. Her  specialization is atmospheric sciences working with topics like meteorology, air quality, as wall as climate.

She is  a research assistant  at National Institute of ecology and climate change in Mexico City, where she works with pollutant emissions, and  her thesis is related to air pollution. She has been a volunteer with other international organizations with projects related to sustainability and renewable energy, also with leadership projects.

She is interested in research about  atmospheric problems  and build an ideal place where the population can live. In the future, she would like to contribute to the wind energy research and also  through her research work make better policies to protect the environment.  “The atmosphere has no borders. So if you emitted pollutants where you live you may also be affecting hundred or thousand kilometers away”.

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