Ms. Loes van der Graaf

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Ms. Loes van der Graaf


Loes van der Graaf is a researcher/project manager at PPMI Group, a Lithuanian research institute in Vilnius. Her work involves topics related to education, youth, inclusion and sustainability, and covers the Europe and Central Asia region. Many of her projects relate to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and are commissioned by the EU, UNICEF, UNESCO and UNDP.

She is interested to study how education can support sustainable development, particularly as related to combating climate change. Prior to joining the GWCN, Loes completed a research assignment on how climate change causes slow-onset migration in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sudan. Therefore, her research experience is quite broad and interdisciplinary. 

Loes obtained an MA in Global Governance and Cultural Diplomacy from the University of Siena and an LLM in International and European Law from Vilnius University. 

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