Ms. Dhitasree Guha Roy

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Ms. Dhitasree Guha Roy


Dhitasree Guha Roy is an Economic Research Professional. She is associated with the work of analysing the performance of multiple industries and macroeconomic indicators of economy (India and Global), potential growth drivers and challenges, emerging industry trends, monitoring the economic performance of several nations, forecasting market trends etc.

She is skilled in qualitative analysis, market research, insights writing, data interpretation and training & development.

She is a Masters in Economics and wishes to do her PhD soon. In the last few years of her career, she has got the opportunity to create multiple research reports by doing in-depth research on the various industries which contribute to economic growth (e.g. Energy & Power, Healthcare, Manufacturing, International trade, Hospitality, Real Estate, Mining, Banking & Finance, Artificial Intelligence, Automobile etc.)

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