Ms. Daniela Tello Toral

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Ms. Daniela Tello Toral


Daniela Tello Toral gained her degree in Environmental Engineering from Universidad de las Américas, Ecuador. She recently graduated from a Master of Science majoring in Environmental Management at James Cook University, Australia. Her interest focuses on marine and terrestrial ecosystems conservation through research, management practices, and environmental policy implementation.

Daniela worked as a research student at TropWATER, Australia. Their work focuses on the world's tropical region to analyze the challenges these countries face due to the social and environmental changes in the last decades, such as population growth; climate change; and globalization. Her participation in this report had a holistic perspective to analyze the socio-ecological systems to create awareness; thus, conserve the ecosystem functions and protect people's livelihoods for achieving sustainable development goals.

As a new volunteer researcher of GWCN, she desires to progress in her career by participating in projects that promote sustainable development while addressing different problems such as overfishing, marine debris, and climate change. Furthermore, enabling possible solutions to be found regarding the political, social, and geographical context in Latin America.

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