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Mrs. Shikha Patel


Shikha Patel is currently pursuing her PhD in Sustainability and Urban Planning. She holds a master’s degree in Urban Design and a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. She is experienced in integrating new master plans into city’s existing fabric. In her master’s, she specialized in urban informality. In her master’s thesis, she critically analyzed the present and future plans of the city authorities for a dense Indian market area and counteractively proposed a masterplan sensitive to informal economy. She has earned a gold medal for her performance in master’s program.

Shikha conducted research on land use planning, integration of public transportation in the existing built environment and neighborhood planning. She actively publishes her research and intends to continue in future as well. Her passion about sustainability and urban planning keeps her motivated.  

Over the last 5 years, she has taught in several architecture schools. She has conducted design research with her students and believes teaching to be the best medium to learn and stay relevant. Her relationship with her students and acquaintances is a testimony for her excellent communication skills and public speaking.

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