Mr. Marsel Nurbolotov

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Mr. Marsel Nurbolotov


Drawing his inspiration from the belief that volunteering is a powerful way of engaging people in tackling development challenges, Marsel is so thrilled to be part of GWCN.

As a skilled person who has lately completed his Bachelor degree with distinction in International Relations with a major in Foreign Policy and a minor in Prevention Regional Conflicts at the Kyrgyz National University, he believed he could contribute his time, skills and knowledge in focusing his writings on environmental issues and practices within specific geographical regions or countries from around the world.

Marsel acquired technical and professional expertise during his internship with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna and his volunteering experience with the United Nations Development Program and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in which he raised awareness about environmental and human rights protection in the mining sector in Mongolia.

His main research interest areas are Renewable Energy, Air Pollution and Lowered Biodiversity in Central Asia.

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