Mr. Marcel Mansour

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Mr. Marcel Mansour


Engineer Marcel Mansour is a professional in Construction mainly in Design & Build projects with a wide Corporate experience in the International markets. He is an active LGBC (Lebanon Green Building Council) board member and cares for sustainable and optimized solutions, Green Buildings & Green Technologies.      

He also joined University teaching where he focuses on applied engineering tools & technologies, leading the students to design and execute projects using the right amounts and quantities needed for the project, selecting the materials with longest life spans and especially reducing the amount of waste during execution phase. He stresses as well on the re-use of the leftovers on site, thus reducing the amount of waste to the minimum.        

Marcel had his first ecologic design at the age of 17 and he has been constructing green and ecologic projects since 1998. For the past two years, he started focusing on rain water collection and conservation, sun harvesting and traffic solutions. He has also been testing at a personal level multiple methods in the aim of reducing the volumes of organic waste generated by households, restaurants and factories. The results are being promoted locally.

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