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Mr. Benon Twijukye


Ing. Benon is a Global South rural development expert with over 7 years’ experience in program coordination and project implementation.

Academically, he holds an international Master of Science in Rural Development from Ghent University-Belgium focusing in agricultural and ecological economics, a First Class Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Land Use and Management from Makerere University School of Agriculture-Uganda focusing on agricultural sciences and that has fully given him an opportunity to drive at his career goal of providing suitable services as part of the team under professional consultancy in order to create a healthier, happier and dignified rural community through capacity building, Multi-level networking approach, research and community empowerment.

Professionally, he has practiced since (2013-2020) of professional employment in consultation in agriculture, environment and natural resource management; partnering with local, national, regional and international organizations like Yield Uganda Limited (YUL) in 2014 in agro-Business development management, National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) in 2012 as a service consultant under crop section, Agency for Accelerated Regional Development (AFARD) in 2015 in Social business development, Netherlands Development Organization (SNV-Uganda) in 2013 agronomy research to implement the Trias-Tullow program of social cooperate responsibility within the Uganda Oil and Gas production areas in and Climate Smart Environment (BOS+) in 2018 in agroforestry conservation and wetland restoration

About awards, he won the Uganda best Entrepreneur award of the year 2016 under USAID (United States Agency for International Development)-Yunus social entrepreneurship acceleration. He also represented Africa-Europe Diaspora to Latin America at the 60th inauguration of Sustainable Development Goals in Ecuador-ESPOL; particularly ending extreme hunger and Poverty 2018. He won the 2017 European Union Erasmus Mundus Master grant for IMRD (International Master of Science in Rural Development) held at Ghent University-Belgium based on both academic and professional merit.

He is the founder and a managing director of BRAUDA Consult that started in 2013 specializing in rural development programs of agriculture, natural resource management and Environment within the communities of the Global South: Africa, Latin America and Asia through consultancy. He is a visiting Lecturer at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda.

Ing. Benon Twijukye has a rich experience in running projects through management and coordination by AFARD (Agency for Accelerated Regional Development), Trias (Belgian based NGO), Tullow (UK based Oil and Gas company), SNV (Netherlands Development Organization), BOS+ (Belgian Environment Conservation NGO), VLIRUOS (Flemish Development organization).

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