Dr. Satish Kumar Damodar

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Dr. Satish Kumar Damodar


dr. Satish Kumar Damodar is a professional with two decades of industry and eight years of academic experience. He has held various managerial and leadership positions in product management and training in the Indian industry; and has taught environmental technology, project management, sustainable development and various other courses in universities in different countries. 

Satish is a postdoctoral research fellow at European Scientific Institute and visiting researcher at University of Catana, Italy. He holds a doctorate degree in sustainability & corporate social responsibility from University of Twente, Netherlands. In addition, he holds multidisciplinary educational qualifications: a PhD in industrial & systems engineering, master's degree in engineering (environmental technology), master of business administration, diploma in international business and diploma in training and development. His areas of research are sustainability, smart cities, and requirements engineering. Currently he lives in Ethiopia.

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